May 2020 Reading Round Up

May 31, 2020     Danielle Romero     Uncategorized

You guys, I read so many books in the Month of May and most of them were pretty freaking epic. Now, I know that I usually read Urban Fantasy. That tends to be my genre of choice but I’ve been on a contemporary romance kick and that doesn’t seem to be letting up anytime soon.

Last month I mentioned that I read the Bully Me, Class of 2020 Anthology collection which led to discovering a lot of new to me authors. This month I continued binging through a lot of those same authors books and added in a handful of other author reads.

Here’s what I’ve been reading

Hood River Rat by K. Webster. An M/M romance previously seen in the Bully Me, Class of 2020 Anthology and it was so so good. 5 Stars on this one without a doubt.

Little Hoodlum by K. Webster was the sequel to Hood River Rat. It was good but it wasn’t as good as book 1. I liked the premise. The whole falling for your brothers best friend and a little bit of an age-gap but it didn’t deliver the same emotional punch as Hood River Rat and some of the story seemed a bit…convenient.

Especially with how … Mini Spoiler Warning … a certain couple conveniently died resolving a problem Hollis and Roan had that I think needed more attention and development. Honestly that one problem could have been a novella on its own.

Little Hoodlum was a 4star read for me but I do absolutely intend to read book 3, Campfire Chaos. The ending of Little Hoodlum left me hanging and I need to find out what happens next.

Little Hoodlum felt more like an inbetween or set-up type book. We see Roax and Jordy’s story and we see their relationship grown and develop but as much as we see them, we see problems with Hollis and Roan and we see some relationship issues with Roax’s best friend and know it’s the intro and set-up for the next book. A lot of reader attention gets divided in this book so while it was good, it lacked some of what made Hood River Rat great.

Wicked Lies Boys Tell by K. Webster. An M/M romance that I fell head over heels in love with. Even if you don’t think M/M romance is for you, I genuinely suggest you give this one a try. I did take the time to post a review of this one on Amazon so I’m pasting it below.

I’m not actually an MM reader. I more or less stumbled upon K Webster thanks to the Bully Me, Class of 2020 Anthology collection and after reading the prologue to Hood River Rat I decided to give Wicked Lies Boys Tell a try and I freaking loved it.
This book took me on an emotional rollercoaster. It gave me the feels in all the rights places and I literally could not put it down. I binged the book in one sitting.
This was a bit of an enemies to lovers, friends to lovers, and also second chance romance all rolled up in one.
I loved Penn. I loved Cope. I loved watching their story unfold. It was messy and chaotic and at times down right painful for the characters but it made the story that much better.

I’m not an M/M reader. This is not my usual cup of tea and I don’t ever actively search out M/M novels but this is the 2nd M/M novel I’ve read from K. Webster and I can already say I want to binge her entire catalogue now. Love is Love and she wrote Cope and Penn’s discovery of love beautifully

Riot House by Callie Hart. Another Bully Me, Class of 2020 novel. That cover, it gets me. I freaking love it so much. Riot House was a 4 Star read for me. Good and I plan on continuing the series but there were a few speed bumps for me that slowed things down here and there.

Devil’s Day Party by CM Stunich. Also from the Bully Me, Class of 2020 collection. Another good but not quit great one. The story was fantastic. I enjoyed the characters. It’s reverse harem with an added time-loop and I think my only issue with the book if I’m being honest was the time loop. It got really repetitive which i understand is the point of a time-loop story but I found myself skimming every time we repeated the day which happened a lot. All that aside, C.M. Stunich is a really freaking good writer so I plan to read her Rich Boys of Burberry Prep series in June and have a feeling that will be more my speed.

The Hunter by LJ Shen. LJ Shen is more or less an auto-buy author for me when it comes to anything connected to the guys in the Sinners of Saint and All Saints High cast. I enjoyed The Hunter. He’s not my particular brand of hero but it was a really enjoyable 4 star read for me.

Dangerous by Sara Cate. It was good. I’m not sure it was for me. Still a 4 star read if you asked but I wan’t really interested in continuing the series after this one. I think I tend to prefer heavier enemies to lovers, angsty, type romances. This one was a little bit of that but maybe more surface level than what I was after.

Like you Care by Kaydence Snow. Another find thanks to the Bully Me, Class of 2020 Anthology. Two words: LOVED IT! 5 Stars. Epic. Wonderful. Probably one of my favorite books if not the favorite out of the collection.

Sunshine and Bullets (All 3 books in the trilogy which includes Sunshine and Bullets, Summer and Smoke, and Love and Lead) I really enjoyed these. I’ll say by the time we got to book 3 I wasn’t as invested in the series as I was when I started but they were really good if you’re into mafia type bad boy reverse harem romances. 4 Stars for the series as a whole.

Bad Habit by Charleigh Rose – 5 Stars. Loved it!

Bad Intentions by Charleigh Rose (audio) – 5 Stars. So so good!

Bad Influence by Charleigh Rose (audio) – 4 Stars. Really Good. Some hiccups but still enjoyable and well, I just really love Jess!

Boys of Brayshaw High (audio) by Meagan Brandy. So good. 5 Stars. It was amazing. I binged all 3 books in the series in just over 3 days.

Trouble at Brayshaw High (audio) by Meagan Brandy 5 Stars. Fan-Freaking-Tastic

Reign at Brayshaw High by Meagan Brandy 5 Stars. I seriously loved this series and I wish there were more books. I’m not ready for this series to end.

Enemies by Tijan (audio). I actually tried reading this one on Kindle and it just wasn’t for me. Then I saw it on Audio Escape and decided to give it a try and actually really enjoyed it. I think Tijan’s books are slower to start which was why I initially put it down but I really enjoyed this one. An enemies to lovers, second chance romance type story. 5 Stars.

Crew by Tijan. So Good. I love Bren. She’s my type of bad-ass chick that you can’t help but love. 5 Stars

Crew Princess by Tijan Absolute perfection. I can’t wait for book 3. 5 Stars

Fallen Crest High by Tijan and Fallen Crest Family by Tijan. These are some of her earlier books and I’m not gonna lie, you can tell. I’m binging the series because its set in the same world as Crew but I’m not really loving it yet. They’re probably 3 star reads for me at the moment. I’m hoping they get better as the series progresses but I’m not sure if I’ll complete it as they stand right now. We’ll see.

So that’s all of got for the month of May. What are you currently reading or listening to? Have you read any of the above books?