April 2020 Reading Round Up

May 15, 2020     Danielle Romero     Uncategorized

April was slower for me than usual. I feel like it was our first full Covid month where we were on stay home orders and even though I was 100% on board, knowing you’re essentially trapped does mess with your mind a bit so I didn’t read as much as I normally word but I did find some pretty fantastic gems.

This was a 4star read for me. Overall light-hearted. A funny second chance romance with some sass and comedic moments.

I don’t often read anthologies anymore but I’m a fan of Siobhan Davis so really, I bought this book for her story Charlie. That being said, I freaking loved all of these. Around book 4 or 5 I did get slightly annoyed that most were pretty short prologues to an as of yet unreleased book but I will say they did their job and got me stalking all the authors waiting for those releases. I do also want to add that I don’t read MM and the final story by K. Webster was an MM romance. When I got to it, I almost book the book away but decided to read on. I am so effing glad I did. I probably loved her story most of all and I am officially converted and an MM romance lover. Bully Me, Class of 2020 was a 4.5 Star read for me! Note, this anthology was a limited time publication and is no longer available.

Epic. Fantastic. God I need more Zylas in my life. 5 Stars. Let’s be honest, that went without saying
Dark, Gritty. I already enjoy this series so I was bound to enjoy Rebellion. I did prefer the earlier books to this one but it’s still really good. 4 Stars
Callie Hart was one of the authors in the Bully Me anthology so I dove right into her backlist while I waited for some of the author authors to release their upcoming books. I freaking LOVED this series so much. An absolute must read if you like angsty romances. It’s not quit a Bully Romance because the hero isn’t the one doing the bullying but it still has that vibe. 5 Stars
Another Callie Hart series. This girl, let me tell you, she kills it. I read the Blood & Roses series boxset (all 6 books) in maybe two or three days. They were so yummy! 5 Stars here too!

That’s all I’ve got for April. I’m sure it probably goes without saying that a lot of my May reads will be continations from the authors in the Bully Me anthology but that’s because they were really freaking good!

What books did you finished in April?