New Website Design

May 15, 2020     Danielle Romero     Uncategorized

I had the pleasure of working with Author G. Bailey on a web design and wanted to share the finished look.

Gem already had her logo (The Dragon with her author name in the top left corner) so that set the tone for the color scheme and vibe. I went full on purples with the occasional pop of blue. I really love how the navigation buttons turned out. They’re probably my favorite part of the site.

Originally she didn’t have any series pages. All of her books were listed on one page and she has A LOT. So we broke each series into its own page and listed the books and buy links in order to help readers navigate the page.

And then like most of us, Gem didn’t have a set author photo so with a little photoshop magic I took this one from her social media account, added a purple watercolor overlay and tada! Perfect author pic magic

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