Audiobook Review: Blood Huntress by Izzy Shows

December 20, 2017     Danielle Romero     4stars, R2R, reviews

Audiobook Review: Blood Huntress by Izzy ShowsBlood Huntress on Nov 9, 2017
Format: Audiobook
What does it say when vampires aren't the thing most feared in the night?

Nina Rodriguez has become the most lethal weapon in the world. A blood mage trained by werewolves to hunt and kill with no remorse, no morality, and no hesitation. All that matters is the thrill of the kill, and the danger that comes with it.

When she's given orders to infiltrate and observe the vampire court, she couldn't turn it down anymore than she could cease to breathe.

The sweet taste of danger was enough to tempt her, and that only doubles when the vampire king chooses her as his own personal thrall.

If he finds out she's a hunter and not the sweet, innocent thrall he thinks her to be, it's off with her head.

She should be playing it safe, keeping her head down, but the call of the hunt is too strong. She can't stop herself, she has to kill.

Yet these vampires are not what they seem. The more she gets to know them, the more she questions why she's here.

She can fight off any enemy, but no one prepared her to fight for her soul.



Blood Huntress by Izzy Shows was an enjoyable listen. I finished the audiobook in 1day though I’ll admit I had a lot of hours in my car to burn and Blood Huntress made passing the time much more enjoyable.

Things I liked:
-Unique Story
-Strong, fierce heroine
-Likeable hero
-Good, steady pacing throughout

Things I didn’t like so much:
-The language seemed to slip from modern to not, and I found the characterization of the characters inconsistent at times
-More “telling” than I would have liked
-Unnecessary fluff throughout the story where I found myself thinking “she just said that but in a different way,”

All in all, it was good. I think it’s better enjoyed in audio format than reading for me personally, but I think Izzy selected terrific narrators which is always key. I liked the voices they lent to the characters and think they did a really good job capturing the story. There was a bit of a cliffhanger at the end and I’m a sucker for those so I already know that I do want to find out what happens in book two.

All of that said, the main reason why I’m only giving Blood Huntress 4stars is because….














Why the hell did Nina go back?! That right there drove me nuts. First, she is locked away in the pit which is supposed to be some God-awful prison for the worst of the worst yet she manages to escape because the door is old and rusty? That had me raising some eyebrows. But regardless, she escapes and then gets turned away by the people she’s been working with for the last several years and she decides to go back?! Why?

It didn’t sit well for me that she was turned away from the wolf guy since she’d done her job and had a good record of kills and it didn’t make sense why once turned away she’d go back to the guy that just threw her in prison, the one place she swore she’d never go back to after her first escape that fundamentally shaped who she is. So yea…that was a bummer but again, a good book. I’m interested to see how things shape out in book 2 so this is one I would recommend trying.


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