Review: Wake A Sleeping Tiger

April 19, 2017     Danielle Romero     4.5Stars, ARC, R2R, reviews

Review: Wake A Sleeping TigerWake a Sleeping Tiger by Lora Leigh
Also by this author: Collision Point
Published by Penguin on March 21st 2017
Genres: Fiction, Genetic Engineering, Paranormal, romance, Science Fiction, Shifters
Pages: 384


My Review

I seriously will never get sick of the Breeds! Cullen and Chelsea’s chemistry is hot as hell, the action keeps you on the edge of your seat, and the ending leaves you wanting so much more in a sinfully delicious way. After 30 books in the series you begin to wonder when it will end and I hope the answer to that question is never. It doesn’t need to end. Lora Leigh manages to breathe new life into the series with each new book and I’m eager for more so by all means, please keep them coming! Lora Leigh more than delivers.

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She’d made her mind up. By God, she actually thought she’d made her mind up to leave him – to leave the Agency. That she could just walk away.

He stared at [her resignation letter], glared at it.

If he had his way it would burst into flames and the memory of it would dissipate along with the paper

“The hell you are.” Lifting his head, he direct that glare at her.

And she met it.

Not once did she flinch or look away. Not one time did she even pretend to acknowledge his dominance. Hell, she didn’t even consider it.

About the Author

Lora Leigh dreams in bright, vivid images of the characters’ intent on taking over her writing life, and fights a constant battle to put them on the hard drive of her computer before they can disappear as fast as they appeared.

Lora’s family and her writing life coexist, if not in harmony, in relative peace with each other. Surrounded by a menagerie of pets, friends, and a son who keeps her quick wit engaged, Lora finds her life filled with joys, aided by her fans whose hearts remind her daily why she writes. Visit her at