Editing Services

Proofreading: .004/per word

We will check your work for proper spelling, punctuation, grammar, stylistic inconsistencies, and will correct any double or missing words. This service is best after a full line edit or developmental edit. This is intended as a final pass to catch any potential errors before publication.

Line Edit: .007/per word

A line edit, often also referred to as a copy edit, is a service in which we complete an in-depth examination of your manuscript’s content from storyline and character development to wording, grammar, sentence structure, and flow. This also includes a detailed look at consistency and continuity within your story, spelling, punctuation, timeline issues, and sentence structure. A line edit includes the initial read through with edits as well as suggestions for rewrites.

Developmental Edit: .015/per word

This service is intended for those who require “big picture” feedback. You have a general idea of where you’d like your story to go but need help fleshing it out. This is an in-depth edit with significant suggested rewrites on the authors part. A developmental edit often includes big changes that will take your book to the next level such as removing a distracting subplot of character, or adding, deleting, or reordering your scenes. This service is intended to make your book the best it can be and will require some heavy lifting.

Plot Critique: $100 for up to 30 pages (double spaced, 12pt font)

This service provides you with a detailed look over your well developed outline and assistance in further developing your story. We look for plot holes, unrealistic events, areas in which we can create tension, and overall storyline and pacing in the intended story. This service is not an edit. This service is geared towards those authors who who are plotters, not pansters and does not provide any attention to spelling, grammar, or punctuation.

Manuscript Critique: $150 for up to 90,000 words

A manuscript critique will provide you with extensive feedback on your story. This service is more in-depth than a beta read but not as intense as a developmental edit. This is ideal for authors who require feedback to enhance their existing story but don’t wish to complete major rewrites. Typical feedback relates to character growth and motivation, dialogue, world building, pacing, and suggestions based on your genre and target audience. This service does not provide any attention to spelling, grammar, or punctuation.


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