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Viper Game by Christine Feeh..

Viper Game by Christine Feehan

  Christine Feehan does it again! She is 11 books into the series now and still going strong! When a series gets this long you start to wonder how the next book can top some of the previous ones but time and time again she does. Viper Game is likely one of my top 3 […]

Mark of the Nexus Blog Tour

Mark of the Nexus Blog Tour

Courage By: Carrie Butler  Series: Mark of Nexus #2  Expected publication: October 15th, 2013  Category: NA Genre: PNR Book Description: Rena Collins never thought she’d long for the past—back when affection from Wallace, her freakishly strong boyfriend, was the most dangerous aspect of her life. But now that the human-altering organization known as ERA has […]

Demon Slave By: Kiersten Fay

Demon Slave By: Kiersten Fay

Release Date: October 2011 Genre: Paranormal / Sci-fi Romance Print Length: 324 pages Amazon Buy Link: Demon Slave (Shadow Quest Book 2) Blurb: Marik Radkov believed the only thing left from his tortured past was the physical scars that adorned his body. But when he is stranded on a foreign planet, and held captive by an enticing […]

The Penton Legacy Tour and S..

The Penton Legacy Tour and Series Review

       REDEMPTION Book One Penton Legacy series By Susannah Sandlin Amazon      Barnes and Noble     Book Depository Following a worldwide pandemic whose vaccine left human blood deadly to vampires, the vampire community is on the verge of starvation and panic. Some have fanned into rural areas, where the vaccine was less prevalent, and are taking unsuspecting […]

Silent Warrior By: Lindsey P..

Silent Warrior By: Lindsey Piper

Release Date: April 22, 2013Page Length: 112 PagesPublisher: Pocket StarHow I got my hands on it: edelweissBook Description: A silent woman ashamed of her criminal background becomes a Cage warrior to seek redemption. An unrepentant fortune hunter will do anything to escape his mounting debts. Although rivals on the streets of Hong Kong, they find common ground […]

ARC Review: No Strings Attac..

ARC Review: No Strings Attached by Nicolette Day & Giveaway

Its Here! Its Here! No Strings Attached has officially been launched TODAY! No Strings AttachedAuthor: Nicolette DayRelease Date: June 10, 2013Publisher: Entangled (flirt)How I got my hands on it: I received an eARC copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. My reviews are my own honest opinionBook Description:She wants one night. He […]

Hard Mated By: Jennifer Ashl..

Hard Mated By: Jennifer Ashley

HardMated By: Jennifer Ashley Release Date: August 19, 2012Publisher: JA / AG Publishing Pages: 266Description:Spike, a wildcat Shifter and the champion fighter of Shiftertown, is stunned when Myka, the best friend of a dying human woman, announces that Spike has fathered a cub. What’s more, the mother is giving the boy to Spike to protect and raise. Myka, […]

Lucinda, Dangerously: Review

Lucinda, Dangerously: Review

Title: Lucinda, DangerouslyAuthor: SunnyRelease Date: October 6, 2009Publisher: BerkleyPages 304Book Blurb: Soon after returning to the world of the living with her two bondmates, demon princess Lucinda is kidnapped and imprisoned by her enemy, Derek. He brings her back to a hidden outland in Hell, a bleak and desolate landscape riddled with disfigured rejects. At first […]

Clockwork Mafia Review

Clockwork Mafia Review

Clockwork Mafia by: Seleste DeLaneyRelease Date: April 29, 2013Description: Inventor Henrietta Mason is retiring from airships and adventuring to return home to Philadelphia. Determined to erase all trails leading to her late father’s duplicity, she dismantles his lab and removes all records of the Badlands gold. While in the city, she can’t resist the lure of […]