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Review: Anointed by Maggie M..

Review: Anointed by Maggie Mae Gallagher

  So I liked the idea and premise behind the book. Alana is a demon slayer which is pretty rad, and she is sent back to save human kind because the end of the world is quickly approaching. I’d say this book had top notch world building but struggled with character development. I had a […]

Review: Dead Heat by Patrici..

Review: Dead Heat by Patricia Briggs

I have been eagerly waiting for the next Charles and Anna book and Dead Heat absolutely delivered. Charles decides to take Anna to meet a dear friend of his, Joseph, who he knows he will lose soon due to old age. What he doesn’t realize is that Joseph may leave this world sooner than anticipated […]

Review: Deadly Curiosities B..

Review: Deadly Curiosities By: Gail Z. Martin

First and foremost, this book is like an onion. There are so many layers to the book that you are constantly kept on the edge of your seat. Complex plot with unique fantasy details kept me from comparing the book to others. I felt that the author provided a truly unique story though they struggled […]

Review: Black Ice by Susan K..

Review: Black Ice by Susan Krinard

So I had to stumble a bit since I had not read the first book in the series but I don’t feel that I missed too much. The author did a great job at making this book into a successful stand alone novel though I do feel that had I read the first installment, I […]

Review & Interview: Tai..

Review & Interview: Tainted Blood by ML Brennan

  Once again ML Brennan shows us how truly unique her writing is by giving us an exciting Urban Fantasy unlike any other on the market. She breaks down traditional expectations and gives you something you never knew you wanted until you had it. Where Generation V started out with a large amount of humor, […]

Review: House Immortal by De..

Review: House Immortal by Devon Monk

I picked up this book because I read a fabulous review over at Rabid Reads! After Jessica’s review I knew I wanted to jump into this unique world. I liked this book from the start. It was pretty easy to get into and I knew I needed to know more. I would say that throughout […]