Demons In The Big Easy: Review and Giveaway

March 22, 2013     Danielle Romero     blog hop, books, giveaway, R2R, reviews

So I was contacted to R2R (read to review) Demons in the Big Easy by Jamie Marchant
Here is the description courtesy of GR:

Adventurous in her youth, Cassandra built gateways between Domhan and its parallel realm of Earth. Now she’s too old for that kind of thing. But something is making it easier for demons to pass into Domhan. Not only that, but their behavior becomes inexplicable: whenever Cassandra banishes one, it laughs at her rather than resists, and it promises it will soon devour her essence and that of every resident of her small village. Cassandra is certain such a thing is impossible, for strong wards protect her village. 

But then Cassandra’s granddaughter Aine falls through an unstable gateway. Cassandra is the only one within a hundred miles capable of creating a gateway and bringing Aine back. Despite her aching joints, Cassandra goes after her, and the gateway lands her in New Orleans. But something goes wrong with her tracking spell, which indicates Aine exists in four different places at once. As Cassandra struggles to find the true location of her granddaughter in the Big Easy, she discovers the source of the demons’ confidence. Now, with an unlikely pair of allies—her timid granddaughter and a homeless man who may or may not be crazy—she has to not only save her granddaughter but also prevent both Domhan and Earth from being overrun by demons

Review and Rating: 4 stars

Author: Jamie Marchant
Publications Date: January 5, 2013
Indie Published

I personally enjoyed this novella. It was a fun and quick read. Jamie gave captivating descriptive detail that drew me in as a reader. The story has great bones and terrific character development. You really get a sense of who the characters are! The ending left me wanting a little more but all in all it was fun to read. She includes a snippet at the end of an upcoming book and that left me wanting more…in a good way.
Jamie is an accomplished writer with a knack for subtle humor. I gave this novella a 4 star rating. The novella is ONLY .99 on Amazon for your Kindle. Honestly you can’t beat that.

I Included the link if you would like to purchase Demons In The Big Easy

Because I received a physical copy of the novella I am hosting a giveaway. One lucky winner will be selected to receive this little gem free of charge. I will announce the winner on 3/30/2013 and the winner will also be notified via email. If you win you will have 48hrs to response with your mailing address, if I don’t hear from you within 48hrs, a new winner will be selected. Sorry this is for U.S. residents only. Not including alaska or hawaii. 
Have Fun and Happy Thursday