Logo and Web Design

June 3, 2019     Danielle Romero     design, Designs

I had the pleasure of being contracted to design a website and branding package for a local dental office in Spokane, WA and wanted to share what I came up with.

This was my original concept. I really liked it and the client did as well but after sitting on it for a few days, the client decided we wanted something less off putting. Since most individuals don’t love going to the dentist and the drill in the logo could off putting, we decided to replace it with a tooth brush.

You can see in the original version that we opted for a blue/gray/teal color palette. Since I was doing their website too, I wanted to play with colors that weren’t too masculine or feminine so they would appeal to a wider audience. Below is what we came up with for their website though I did replace the initial header logo with the updated version that had the toothbrush instead. You can visit www.drjonjudd.com to see the live version.