Review: I, Morgana by: Felicity Pullman

August 20, 2014     Danielle Romero     1.5 stars, reviews

Review: I, Morgana by: Felicity PullmanI, Morgana by Felicity Pulman
Published by Momentum on June 26, 2014
Genres: Fantasy, Historical Fiction
Pages: 296
Format: Paperback

You know my name, but you don't know my story ...

After being schooled in magic by Merlin and promised a kingdom, Morgana is robbed of her birthright and betrayed by everyone she has ever trusted and loved. Risking everything for revenge, Morgana uses her magical arts to trap Merlin, threaten her half-brother King Arthur, and turn away the only man she will ever love. In her quest to destroy Arthur and Camelot, Morgana sets in motion a catastrophe that threatens the future of her world. Can she put things right before it's too late, or has she sealed their fate forever?

This is the untold story of Morgan le Fay, one of the most enigmatic—and reviled—characters in Arthurian legend.

I really really wanted to like this book. I love Arthurian legend and was so excited to get this story from Morgana’s perspective. I was hoping that this would be much like the recently released movie Malificent where were learned that she wasn’t as horrible as we all believed her to be and grew to love her character. Unfortunately, I Morgana,just didn’t grab my attention. I pushed, I really truly did but the writing was hard to get through and there was a lot of monologue. It drove me crazy. I finished it but I’ll admit that I did a lot of skimming. I kept waiting for it to get better but there was no real substance to it. The characters were poorly written and all of the characters we had grown up loving were portrayed as weaklings, or snobs/brats and very few characters in the book had any redeeming qualities. Its hard to enjoy a book when you hate everyone in it.

I grew up (a long time ago!) in a small bush town in Africa. No TV, iPods, computer games and surfing the internet – you could say I had a very deprived childhood! Not so. Instead, for entertainment I learned to read. Books became my windows to the world: they told me about dragons and fairies and magic. They told me about other countries and other cultures. They told me about myself. And I have never stopped reading, because I love stories.

I guess I always did things back to front – the hard way! In Africa, when I ran out of books to read, I wrote my own. I love writing stories, but I never thought about it as a grownup occupation. As a grownup, I had to go back to school to find out that I really was a writer. After doing the HSC at the age of 40, I went on to do a BA (Communications) degree at UTS. My major was creative writing, and suddenly I found myself experimenting with all sorts of genres and, in particular, writing the sorts of stories that I love to read – crime and timeslip fantasy back into the past