Cover Design Before and After

March 11, 2018     Danielle Romero     Cover Design

Book cover design is one of my favorite types of design work and recently, I had the pleasure of doing a cover re-vamp for author L.G. Castillo’s LASH.

She’d worked with a previous designer to develop her cover in 2013 and realized that the market was changing. While her original design was attractive, it just wasn’t converting to sales like she’d hoped.

As the first book in her series, this was the book that would be responsible for winning her new readers so we needed to step things up a notch.

L.G. is a paranormal romance author and much of the PNR industry is moving away from dark grittier covers and towards bright and vibrant covers. Ebook sales continue to rise and as an independently published author, ebook sales are where the magic happens for an author like L.G. Castillo.

We had a few key points to take into consideration. The main one being that she had five novels in her series and wasn’t in a position to re-vamp all of them. Because of the existing covers, we needed to match the series branding while breathing new life into the cover with a visually attractive design that was on market trend. This was the result.

We were able to utilize a stock image of the existing couple and give the cover a truly unique look by mixing a variety of images while also conducting a little photoshop painting. Below are some of the images we worked with.


Now, L.G. Castillo has a fresh new face for her novel and as the series starter, she’s been able to put her best foot forward, attract new readers, and increase her following.