Born in Fire by K.F. Breene

February 11, 2018     Danielle Romero     5 Stars, audiobook, R2R, reviews

Born in Fire by K.F. BreeneBorn in Fire on May 1 2017
Format: Audiobook
Heart pounding and laugh out loud funny, USA Today Bestselling author K.F. Breene will take you on a magical joy ride you won’t soon forget. 

Supernatural Bounty Hunter isn’t the sort of thing you see on LinkedIn. But with a rare type of magic like mine, I don’t have many options.

So dangerous or not, the job is mine. And it was going fine, until an old as sin vampire stole my mark, and with it, my pay day.

Knowing I’m poor and desperate, he has offered me a job. I’ll have to work by his side to help solve a top secret case.

Everyone knows not to trust vampires. Especially a hot elder vampire. But without any other jobs coming up, I’m stuck. As I uncover a web of lies and treachery, revealing an enemy I didn’t know existed, the truth of my identity is threatened. I might make it out alive, only to end up in a gilded cage.

My Review

I’m a sucker for Nicole Poole as a narrator and one’clicked Born in Fire as soon as I saw her name. I am so damn happy I did. K.f. Breene writes the perfect story. A mix of bad ass heroine and tantalizing temptation. This book was right up my alley.

I loved Reagon and I’m already getting the tingles with Darius. I can’t wait to see what happens there.

Reagon is feisty, has one heck of a temper, and likes to break down doors. She’s my type of heroine. I love that she’s smart. She weighs her options and doesn’t run into anything blind. She’s relatable and believable.

As my first introduction to Breene, all I can say is that I can’t wait to read more.


About the Author

K.F. Breene is a USA TODAY BESTSELLING author of the Darkness Series and Warrior Chronicles, with over one million books sold. She lives in wine country where over every rolling hill, or behind every cow, an evil sorcerer might be plotting his next villainous deed while holding a bottle of wine and brick of cheese. Her husband thinks she’s cracked for wandering around, muttering about magic and swords. Her kids are on board with her fantastical imagination, except when the description of the monsters becomes too real.

She’ll wait until they’re older to tell them that monsters are real, and so is the magic to fight them. She wants them to sleep through the night, after all…

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