Blog Tour & Review: Torrent by Gemma James

September 4, 2014     Danielle Romero     4stars, reviews

Blog Tour & Review: Torrent by Gemma JamesTorrent on July 21, 2014
Genres: Fiction, NA, romance
Format: Paperback
She sent an innocent man to prison. Now, eight years later, he's returning the favor...

I've been obsessed with Rafe Mason since I was thirteen. The twisted part of this story is that I still want him, even now.

Now that he's holding me captive on an island.

Rafe has his reasons for doing what he's doing, and if I'm honest, I can't blame him. I'm the girl who sent him to prison for a heinous crime he didn't commit.

But now he's free and the tables have he's the one driven by obsession.
Torrent was a terrific surprise. I personally have never read any of Gemma James’ previous novels and decided to take a leap when I was asked to review Torrent and I am so glad that I did. Torrent was dark and seductive and every bit as captivating as I had hoped it would be. Torrent walks a fine line between pleasure and pain and we see how a two very lost and broken souls find comfort in one another despite their circumstances. Alex has been through hell and despite the fact that much of what Rafe has been forced to endure is her fault, I find myself torn apart over what she has been put through by someone who should have always protected her. Rafe comes into Alex’ life with a vengeance after suffering years in prison for a crime he did not commit and he wants to make Alex suffer just as he has been forced to suffer but he still cares for her, despite the fact that he has so much resentment and hatred for her and watching him struggle to deal with his mixed feelings took me on a ride that I did not want to stop and the end, ahh…safe to say I HAVE to read the next installment in this series! Gemma left me hanging and I’m dying to see what she has in store for us next.
Gemma James / Christina Jean Michaels

Gemma James / Christina Jean Michaels
Gemma James
Gemma James (a pseudonym for Christina Jean Michaels) loves to explore the darker side of sex in her fiction. She’s morbidly curious about anything dark and edgy and enjoys exploring the deviant side of human nature. Her stories have been described as being “not for the faint of heart.” She lives with her husband and their four children—three rambunctious UFC/wrestling-loving boys and one girl who steals everyone’s attention. Sign up for her newsletter so you don’t miss out on future releases!
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