Sometimes you need to take a stand! #LetsFixFlint #FixThePipes

April 22, 2017     Danielle Romero     #LetsFixFlint

There comes a point in your life when you realize that you need to do more. You need to do more for your family, more for your community, more for your country, and more for your world.

We in the United States are so privileged to have many basic human rights and resources that are denied to others in underdeveloped nations but we fail to see the significance of these rights and privileges until we’re faced with having to go without them.

This coming Tuesday April 25th 2017 will mark the three year anniversary for the Flint MI water crisis. Those of us far away have been conditioned into believing that this is no longer an issue, that we the people of the United States have clean drinking water for our citizens. This is a basic human right in our nation yet the people of Flint MI have now gone three years without this right and what makes it ever worse is that not only do they not have access to clean drinking water, they have been provided poisoned water that has led to life long medical issues for both adults and children in these communities. Now it doesn’t stop there. In addition to being fed poisoned and contaminated water for three years while being lied to repeatedly by their state government that the water is safe, they have also been paying for this water. Now I don’t know what the average water bill is in Flint MI but lets assume its comparable to my own in Spokane, WA where we have a pretty inexpensive cost of living. My typical water bill is maybe $100/mon. Assuming that number is even remotely accurate, the average household in Flint MI has paid $3,600 to poison themselves and the utility companies expect them to continue paying despite the fact that the issue has not been resolved. The pipes throughout the city have all been corroded and are leaking led into the water that is still not safe for consumption and if the citizens cannot afford to pay or refuse to pay because lets be honest, no one should have to pay for poison, then the city is shutting their water off. So they couldn’t use the water to drink or bathe in because it was literally toxic and damaging to their skin, but now because it is off they cannot even flush their own toilets.

Their state nor our national government is stepping up to fix this but #GreenForAll is. For every $10,000 donated, Green for All can replace the pipes and make the water safe to drink for a family. Their goal is to raise 1 million dollars which will assist 100 families. I think we can not only help them hit that number, but lets double it. We have a duty to the people of this nation to step up when we can. The United States has a population of over 324 million people. If everyone gave just $1 we could fix this crisis on our own without government intervention that continues to fail our people, so I challenge you today as we near the 3 year anniversary of the Flint MI crisis to take a moment and assess what you can do. If it is donating $1, I thank you. If it is donating more, I thank you again. Please, do what you can to help and support those in our nation who are being denied something we have clearly taken for granite. Lets make this right! #FixThePipes #LetsFixFlint

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