Silent Warrior By: Lindsey Piper

June 12, 2013     Danielle Romero     4.5Stars, reviews

Release Date: April 22, 2013
Page Length: 112 Pages
Publisher: Pocket Star
How I got my hands on it: edelweiss

Book Description: A silent woman ashamed of her criminal background becomes a Cage warrior to seek redemption. An unrepentant fortune hunter will do anything to escape his mounting debts. Although rivals on the streets of Hong Kong, they find common ground when seeking their clan’s stolen idol, but for vastly different reasons. Neither one suspects that love will begin when he becomes the first man in five years to hear her speak.

I absolutely loved Silent Warrior. After Reading an ARC copy of Caged Warrior by Lindsey Piper I went on a hunt to find anything and everything Lindsey had written and came across this prequel to her Dragon Kings series so of course I had to read it. I loved watching Hark and Silence interact with one another. Hark with his quick tongue and Silence with her well, silence. It was hilarious seeing Hark goad her, trying to get under her skin and make her say something, anything. 
These two are such complete opposites but they compliment one another so perfectly. There happily ever after won’t be easy but I’m looking forward to seeing additional glimpses of this pair in future books. I fell in love with these characters and I believe you will too. I absolutely recommend Silent Warrior, it will not disappoint and trust me when I say you will devour this book just like I did.
My Review of Caged Warrior will be available on June 20, 2013 so be on the look out for it and make sure to add both books to your GR Shelf!
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