Unbound By: Dale Mayer

June 30, 2013     Danielle Romero     3Stars, reviews

Release Date: April 16, 2013
Publisher: Valley Publishing
206 Pages

Go ahead. Take Charge of your life. Move forward…if you can…

Changing her future means letting go of her past. Karina heads to a weekend seminar and discovers the speaker is the person she needs to move on from. But she soon realizes bigger issues are facing her…

Brian has moved on, at least he’d believed he had… until he sees Karina in his audience…and realizes he’s been lying to himself.

Passion pulls them together, love binds them together, but a revengeful enemy determines to keep the two apart…and destroy them both.

My Review:
Unbound is really different from Mayer’s usual works. Its slower moving than her previous release Tuesdays Child but was still an enjoyable read. Karina is at a point in life where she is ready to embrace change but also embrace some of her past and the people from it. Unbound is a unique and relatable story that I think most readers would enjoy. 

I liked the small suspense parts with Ian and felt that this story was believable. Unfortunately I think that this book just wasn’t really for me. Having read Dale Mayers psychic visions books I was expecting something a little more. Unbound was well written and had a good story line but Brian was a little to regular for me and his occupation while key to the story made him hard to desire because he is so different from what many woman would consider the typical masculine/alpha like man. Brian has feelings that are internally thought of in a way that almost was feminine, he over analyzed a lot, a trait I think of with women, not men.

I liked Brian and I liked Karina and I liked their story. I just didn’t really love it. I am still a HUGE Dale Mayer fan and I highly recommend you check out her books, particularly Tuesdays Child (it was amazing and you can see my 4.5 star review HERE) Unbound was Good, and worth the $4.99, it just wasn’t for me this time around

About the Author:

Dale Mayer is a prolific multi-published writer. She’s best known for her Psychic Vision Series. Besides her romantic suspense/thrillers, Dale also writes paranormal romance and crossover young adult books in different genres.To go with her fiction, she writes nonfiction in many different fields with books available on resume writing, companion gardening and the US mortgage system.She has recently published her Career Essentials Series . All her books are available in print and digital format.Connect with her online at: Twitter, Facebook, Wattpad, and AmazonCheck out her Website HERE