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The Dragon Kings, Book 3

Publication Date:  July 30, 2013
Publisher:  Pocket Star
Print ISBN: 978-1451695922
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As a young man, sarcastic, violent Tallis Pendray believed the Dragon Kings’ survival depended on a prophecy delivered in dreams by a woman named “the Sun.” His role has been to complete inexplicable, even reprehensible tasks. First, by murdering a priest, he united his fragmented clan in their hatred of him. Dubbed “the Heretic,” Tallis fled his family’s Highland estate. Now disillusioned, he seeks revenge on the woman he holds responsible for two decades of exile.

Telepath Kavya Indranan is a charismatic, seductive cult leader born to a prominent family. However, she grew up terrorized by the ominous threat of her powerful, insane twin brother. On the run and hiding among the poor, she witnessed the destruction wrought by her clan’s centuries-old civil war. Maturity nurtures Kavya’s determination to end the cycle of bloodshed. Those who follow her call for peace have nicknamed her “the Sun.”
Bent on revenge, and without knowledge of Kavya’s noble intentions, Tallis kidnaps her on the eve of her groundbreaking announcement. The two watch in horror as her twin brutally smashes the tentative truce…and hunts the sister whose death would make him invincible.
Kavya is the Sun–revered, untouched, and bound by a lonely destiny that promises a deadly showdown against the last of her family. Tallis is the Heretic–despised and exiled because of actions that seem random, heartless, and contrary to the safety of the clans he protects. She’s not a goddess, and he’s not a natural born killer. A desperate trek from the Himalayan foothills to the Scottish Highlands reveals two secluded souls hidden by bloody reputations. Will their trust be strong enough to avert an

The Series

So we all know that I’m a big fan of Lindsey Piper’s Dragon King series. You can see my earlier review of Silent Warrior HERE and Caged Warrior over HERE. Getting a glimpse at Tallis’ story was a pretty fun adventure. He really is that jerk kind of guy that you still fall in love with. He’s crude and vulgar and kidnaps her for goodness sake but at the same time, he protects her. Tallis starts out wanting revenge and he wants to make Kavya suffer but in the end, this turns into a sweet and desperate love story. I will say that I don’t recommend reading this as a stand alone. I think you need to at the very least, read Caged Warrior to get a better understanding of the Dragon Kings but either way, Blood Warrior is a great read. Despite Tallis being a beserker, he isn’t all violence. He’s super funny and sexy as hell and just an all around love-able character. I’m glad that after getting a glimpse of him in Caged Warrior, that we were able to see him more in Blood Warrior. Watching the relationship between Kayva and Tallis unfold, had some intense moments to say the least and Kayva’s brother is a murderous nut job but that just made the story that much more intriguing. Piper creates a paranormal world that is unique and exciting. This is not your typical PNR book. Blood Warrior, and the entire Dragon Kings Series will take you on an adventure of epic proportions. Believe me when I say, it isn’t something you want to miss!

She called herself Kavya, but her followers had deemed her the Sun. She was a fraud.
Worse, she was a vile manipulator.
As an upward surge of violence scribbled red across his vision, Tallis of Pendray could’ve been staring at the interior of a slaughterhouse. Droning pulses of cruelty beat a counterpoint to the rhythm of his heart. He wanted to loose his fury.
He needed to stay in control.
Otherwise he would never be able to discredit the Sun and thwart the commands she had thrust into his mind for two decades.
Always dripping in gold. Always riding away on the back of the Dragon.
A berserker rage would ruin months of preparation—sensible, rational preparation. Finding her hadn’t been easy. Everyone knew of the Sun Cult, but its ever-changing location had taken him almost a year to pinpoint. It was bad enough that the gift of Tallis’s clan, the Pendray, was the mindless fury of a berserker. Because the Sun had deluded him for so long, he’d come to prize rationality. He would not be a pawn to his blood-born impulses or a puppet to a charismatic charlatan.
Yet . . . she was real.
Some part of him had always feared he was well and truly mad. What if he’d been acting on a delusion so clear and all-consuming that he needed a scapegoat? How convenient to blame bloodied hands on a woman conjured by a guilty, disturbed conscience, then top off his mental self-defense with delusions of the Dragon. He put away his doubts and laid the gory blame where it belonged—there on an altar of stacked rocks the color of bronze.
His only regret was that, truth be told, the Sun’s professed ambition was noble and worth his sacrifices. Her appearances were rare enough to be treasured, but constant enough to reinforce her design for the future of the Dragon Kings. And Tallis’s role in it.
However, the violence he’d guided to the home of his niece, Nynn, had sapped his optimism. Whether the Sun’s plan to unify the clans would protect the Dragon Kings from extinction was no longer his concern. After what he’d endured, what he’d done, what he’d become for her—he deserved to embrace a personal grudge.
“You cannot threaten me,” she said, head tilted at an assessing angle. “And you cannot harm me.”
“I did, and I can.”
Tallis leapt forward—the fluid, trustworthy movement of a body honed for fighting. One of his seaxes was easy to retrieve. He grabbed the woman’s hair, twisted fistfuls in his free hand, and held a razor’s edge of steel to her throat.
Her eyes bulged. She froze.
“That’s right,” Tallis said. “Very still.”
“It’s not Dragon-forged.” Her voice was a near-silent rasp.
“Correct.” A Dragon King could only be killed by rare swords forged in the Chasm where the Great Dragon had lived and died, high in the Himalayas. “But killing you would make you a martyr. Not my intention.”
Her appearance as she’d addressed the crowd had struck Tallis like a blow to the jaw. A faint, otherworldly shimmer had surrounded her as would the wavy heat of a mirage. Nothing distinctive except for that inviting shimmer, urging people to believe the false front she presented.
Now he was near enough to see each lash. Wide irises as rich as amber. Lush hair as luscious as chocolate. Realizing the full extent of how well she could been deceive others, including Tallis, was a overwhelming.
At least her figure matched his visions. He held her resilient, athletic body close to his. A gold silk sari wrapped around womanly curves he’d seen in the nude.
He restrained a frustrated growl.
The Sun still hadn’t moved, but her lips tilted into a ghostly smile. Nothing about her seemed false, yet he could feel the potential for deception like a slick of oil on his fingertips. His only chance was to keep her distracted. With the ability to focus on only one mind at a time, his threat of violence might keep her from assuming too many of the false impressions she gleaned from other individuals.
“This way,” he said, yanking her hair. The blade nicked a line of red across her delicate neck.
Delicate? No. It was just a neck.
She deserved no adjectives. He could trust no adjectives.
That he had to remind himself of the chaos she had loosed on his life made Tallis wary. Very wary.
Lindsey Piper is the alter ego of an award-winning historical and contemporary romance author. Her hotly anticipated DRAGON KINGS series is her first foray into paranormal fiction. She lives and writes in Chicago.
You can find more info on Lindsey’s Website, Facebook, Twitter and Goodreadspages.

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