Review: Invisible Prison by Mary Buckham

August 11, 2015     Danielle Romero     4stars, R2R, reviews

Review: Invisible Prison by Mary BuckhamInvisible Prison by Mary Buckham
Published by Cantwell Publishing, LLC on February 14th 2013
Genres: Fiction, Paranormal, romance
Pages: 319
Format: eBook
After Alex kills a Were to save her shifter brother and ends up behind bars, her only chance to leave prison is to join an elite Agency of humans, fae, and shapeshifters to fight preternatural threats. All she must do is tap into her erratic magic abilities and survive for a year. Sounds like a no-brainer.

But as Alex jumps into a human world of demons, fae, wizards all is not as it seems. First step is surviving training, as someone doesn't want the new Agency, or Alex, to succeed. Prison never looked so good in comparison.




my thoughts

I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect when reading Invisible Prison but I was pleasantly surprised to find it so unique and refreshing and unlike anything I’ve read before. Alex Noziak is a half-witch/half shaman. Her mother was a witch and her father is a shaman and her brothers are shifters so she has a pretty unique skill set and understanding of non-humans. She finds herself in prison serving a life sentence with no real way out that wouldn’t expose the fact that non-humans exist, when all of a sudden she’s offered a once in a lifetime opportunity. Join the Invisible Recruits and earn her freedom. We watch as Alex joins the IR and goes through intense training that weeds out the weak.

Alex has everything I like in a heroine. She’s snarky, bold, and bull-headed. I love her. As a prequel to the series, Invisible Prison is fast paced with some terrific twists and turns. For whatever reason I found myself really drawn to Stone one of the secondary characters. I’m eager to see what happens with him though I’m fairly confident there won’t be a love story between him an Alex, granite a girl can hope. I’m looking forward to seeing how the series progresses and already have books 1-3 on my shelf waiting for me.

BTW currently Invisible Prison is FREE on Amazon so go get it! What have you got to lose?

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Mary Buckham
USA Today Bestselling author Mary Buckham credits her years of international travel and curiosity about different cultures that resulted in creating high-concept urban fantasy and romantic suspense stories. Her newest Invisible Recruit series has been touted for the unique voice, high action and rich emotion. A prolific writer, Mary also co-authors the young adult sci-fi/fantasy Red Moon series with NYT bestseller Dianna Love.Mary lives in Washington State with her husband and, when not crafting a new adventure, she travels the country researching settings and teaching other writers. Don’t miss her latest reference book Writing Active Hooks.