Review: Scorched by Erica Hayes

April 3, 2015     Danielle Romero     3.5Stars, ARC, R2R, reviews

Review: Scorched by Erica HayesScorched Published by Harper Collins on May 2014
Genres: Dark Fantasy, Fantasy & Magic
Pages: 296
Format: eBook

In a world where everyone wears a mask, you can't trust anyone… not even yourself. Verity Fortune was once Sapphire City’s top crime-fighter, wielding her powers of telekinesis to battle the city’s most despicable villains.Now, she’s consumed by a single burning desire -Revenge.

Against those who took away her mask, her memory, and nearly her life.Having escaped from the asylum they left her to rot in, Verity dons her mask once again and becomes the Seeker, a vigilante warrior for truth.

But when she unwittingly uncovers an evil conspiracy deep within her own family, she’s suddenly on the run, alone and hunted by those she thought were on her side…

my thoughts

One of my favorite types of heroines, are those you can relate to. The ones that aren’t all that extra ordinary on the outside but instead are strong willed and strong minded people on the inside who you can root for and that is exactly what I got in Scorched. There are definitely superhero qualities but Verity doesn’t start out as this epic hero in the beginning. We see her grow and flourish throughout the story which makes me love her all the more.

I loved that the story was unique and unpredictable. I never really knew what was going to happen next. There was a teany tiny bit of romance, enough to hold my interest without it overwhelming the story so I’m interested to see how that progresses. We had a well developed and multi layered villain and decent world building as well.

The flashbacks throughout the story had the tendency to get a bit muddled and confusing but overall we had a solid plot with unique characters and a story that was able to hold my attention fairly well. If you’re looking for a new UF read thats more super hero than paranormal, this one is for you.

3 half coffee cups



about the author

Erica Hayes was a law student, an air force officer, an editorial assistant and a musician, before finally landing her dream job: fantasy and romance writer. She writes dark paranormal and urban fantasy romance, and her books feature tough, smart heroines and colourful heroes with dark secrets. She hails from Australia, where she drifts from city to city, leaving a trail of chaos behind her. Currently, she’s terrorizing the wilds of Northumberland.

WEBSITE | @ericahayes | FACEBOOK