Review: Highland Guard by Hannah Howell

March 30, 2015     Danielle Romero     4stars, ARC, R2R, reviews

Review: Highland Guard by Hannah HowellHighland Guard by Hannah Howell
Published by Zebra Books on February 24th 2015
Genres: Fiction, General, Historical, Medieval, romance, Scottish
Pages: 352
Format: eARC
New York Times bestselling author Hannah Howell brings back the daring Murray family in a brand-new tale of dangerous love rekindled. . .

Lady Annys MacQueen has no other choice. The deception that enabled her to keep her lands safe is on the verge of being revealed by a cruel kinsman. To shield her young son from the sword and her people from devastation, she must turn to the one man she could never forget...

He lives for duty and honor. So the only way Sir Harcourt Murray could repay the laird who saved his life was to agree to father a child with Sir MacQueen's wife...Lady Annys.

Now the passion he still feels for the lovely strong-willed widow is as all-consuming and perilous as securing her lands. But to convince her that his love is forever real means confronting her most wrenching fears--and putting everything they treasure most at stake..

my thoughts

Historical Romance done right! I really enjoyed reading Highland Guard by Hannah Howell. We’re introduced to Annys who is married to a man unable to produce a child though he is in need of an heir. Her husband arranges for her to sleep with someone else to bare a child that he can claim as his own and while things go as planned and she gets pregnant, she finds herself wanting Harcourt, the man she’d been arranged to lay with. The bulk of the story takes place 5 years after the birth of her and Harcourt’s son and after the loss of her husband. There is passion and tension between our hero and heroine that leaves you eager to turn each page. When Harcourt comes to Annys’ aid after she begins to fear for the life of herself and her son, we see just how much he cares for her and how hard it had been for him to walk away from her the first time around. Howell gave us a great story and solid character development not only in our main characters but in our secondary characters as well. The only draw back to the story for me was that it became a bit predictable but as a new reader to this series, I’m still very eager to dive into some more. I can’t wait to read both past and future installments in this series and highly recommend this one to historical romance fans!

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about the author

After five years and many rejections, I finally got my first book on the stands in 1988 – Amber Flame – from Leisure Books (reissued a while back under the title His Bonnie Bride).  Also the western – A Taste of Fire published by Kensington in 1988.  (and reissued by them several times since then)  After about 10 years of writing English, Scottish and western historicals for several publishers (even venturing into the occasional pen-name)  I settled in at Kensington writing Scottish historicals.  Thus was born the great Murray clan (and a very prolific clan as well.)  In June 2009 I started a series set in late-Georgian England concerning two connected families – the Wherlockes and the Vaughns.  The first – If he’s Wicked – was that June, the latest – If He’s Tempted – was released April 2013.  My cunning plan is to then do one of the Wherlockes and one of the Murrays each year.  We’ll see how that works.

I grew up in New England and my family (on the maternal side) has been here since the 1630s.  The paternal side is half Nova Scotian and half English.   Met the hubby in England on a trip to meet and greet the English side of the family, bought him a drink in a pub, and the rest is history.  Been married for 42+ years now.  I have two sons, one a graphic artist (Sam) and one a mechanical engineer (Keir), a daughter-in-law who is a teacher (Beth), and three stunningly attractive, highly intelligent grandchildren (boast much?) – Benjamin, Jennifer, and Evelyn Rose.  And they all live within driving distance – hooray.   Being mildly insane I also have five cats – Matilda (high strung), Shadow (who is a little ferally and lives under a chair in my living-room because she does not like the ‘kittens’ I brought home years ago.), the demonic duo – Jackson and Perkins, and the latest addition, Mungo.

When I am not writing – which isn’t often – I play games on the computer, play the piano (took 13 years of lessons when growing up), crochet (very addicting), read, and garden (some day I will conquer the demon weed).