Review: Honors Knight by Rachel Bach

February 28, 2015     Danielle Romero     5 Stars, Epic, R2R, reviews

Review: Honors Knight by Rachel BachHonor's Knight by Rachel Bach
Also by this author: Fortune's Pawn, Heaven's Queen
Published by Orbit on 2014-02-25
Genres: Action & Adventure, Fiction, Military, romance, Science Fiction, Space Opera
Pages: 384
Format: Paperback
Devi Morris has a lot of problems. And not the fun, easy-to-shoot kind either.
After a mysterious attack left her short several memories and one partner, she's determined to keep her head down, do her job, and get on with her life. But even though Devi's not actually looking for it -- trouble keeps finding her. She sees things no one else can, the black stain on her hands is growing, and she is entangled with the cook she's supposed to hate.
But when a deadly crisis exposes far more of the truth than she bargained for, Devi discovers there's worse fates than being shot, and sometimes the only people you can trust are the ones who want you dead.


my thoughts

Holy Freaking Awesomeness! Rachel Bach has done it again and Honors Knight did more than deliver. After the loss of her partner, and the loss of her memory, Devi has more questions than she has answers to. It doesn’t help that she thinks she’s losing her marbles or that the mysterious cook brings on mixed feelings of longing and revulsion. I cannot tell you enough, how much I absolutely loved this book. After the massive cliff hanger ending in book 1, Fortunes Pawn, I was skeptical on how Honors Knight would turn out because I had certain expectations for Devi and Rupert and Rachel kept us anxious and on the edge of our seats the entire way. Constantly wondering what was going to happen next and creating a very fine line between who was the good guy and who was the bad guy. In the end, no one was really either and I’ve never been more pleased with the lack of a true villain. Rachel Bach gives us a glimpse into the minds of people who are faced with impossible decisions and who are forced to make tough calls.

Devi is brilliant as ever. She is tough as nails and fights for what she believes in. She may have done many things “wrong” in her past as a merc but that doesn’t mean she’ll turn a blind eye just to take the easy way out. She’s also her own person, she’s not going to let anyone tell her what she has to do. I adore her character. She is the perfect blend of bad ass and compassion tucked into her Lady Gray exterior. I can’t wait to see what happens next. Book 3 is already in my hands and I am sure that I will devour this one with just as much enthusiasm as I have the others.

5 coffee cups

about the author

Rachel Bach grew up wanting to be an author and a super villain. Unfortunately, super villainy proved surprisingly difficult to break into, so she stuck to writing and everything worked out great. She currently lives in Athens, GA with her perpetual energy toddler, extremely understanding husband, overflowing library, and obese wiener dog. You can find out more about Rachel and all her books at

Rachel also writes fantasy under the name Rachel Aaron. Learn more about her first series, The Legend of Eli Monpress, and read sample chapters for yourself at!

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