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October 26, 2013     Danielle Romero     4.5Stars, 4stars, BlogTour

Courage By: Carrie Butler 
Series: Mark of Nexus #2 
Expected publication: October 15th, 2013 
Category: NA Genre: PNR
Book Description: Rena Collins never thought she’d long for the past—back when affection from Wallace, her freakishly strong boyfriend, was the most dangerous aspect of her life. But now that the human-altering organization known as ERA has gone on the offensive, nothing is safe. Her bloodline is exposed, her relationships torn apart, and just when it seems like things can’t get any worse, ERA ups the ante. To save mankind from forced evolution, Rena will have to mend her broken ties and form a resistance… hand-in-hand with the one she hurt most. 

Carrie Butler daydreamed her way through college—until they thrust a marketing degree into her hands, slapped a summa cum laude seal on the corner, and booted her out into a less-than-stellar job market. Instead of panicking at the prospect of unemployment, she used her Midwestern logic to steer into the skid and point her life in the direction she really wanted to go: writing out those daydreams. Her passion for New Adult fiction led her to co-found NA Alley—a widely recognized informational hub for the category. She is the author of STRENGTH (Mark of Nexus #1) and COURAGE (Mark of Nexus #2).
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My Reviews:

Book 1: Strength: I was surprised by how much I enjoyed Strength by Carrie Butler. Strength was my first dive into the NA world and I am happy to say that I really really liked it. Watching Rena fall from Wallace was heart melting! Wallace is that guy that we all want. He’s strong and compassionate but has so much inner turmoil and you just want to fix the whole world for him. I fell for Wallace just as hard and as fast as Rena did and I rooted for them the entire way. There were times when I wanted to shake Wallace for being so darn stubborn and times when I wanted to cheer for Rena as she got her way. This story was a fast paced and engaging read that I would highly recommend to NA lovers. 

Book 2: Courage: So of course, as soon as I finished book 1, I had to dive right into book 2 and Carrie Butler did not disappoint. There were so many unexpected twists and turns that I never knew what was coming next. Courage kept me on the edge of my seat and I couldn’t stop turning the pages. I didn’t think that Carrie could top STRENGTH but I was wrong and she totally did. Favorite quote in the book is “Evil wins when good does nothing.”–-Rena

I loved Courage, I loved Strength, I love the entire series!

Basically what I’m trying to say is that if you have not read the Mark of the Nexus series by Carrie Butler, You absolutely need to, like now! 😀