Review: Black Ice by Susan Krinard

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Review: Black Ice by Susan KrinardBlack Ice by Susan Krinard
Published by Macmillan on 2014-08-12
Genres: Contemporary, Fantasy, Fiction, Urban
Pages: 384
Format: eARC
New York Times bestselling author Susan Krinard continues the thrilling urban fantasy series that began with Mist in Black Ice.

Centuries ago, all was lost in the Last Battle when the Norse gods and goddesses went to war. The elves, the giants, and the gods and goddesses themselves were all destroyed, leaving the Valkyrie known as Mist one of the only survivors.

Or so she thought.

The trickster god Loki has reappeared in San Francisco, and he has big plans for modern-day Earth. With few allies and fewer resources—but the eyes of the gods and goddesses of an old world upon her—it’s up to Mist to stop him before history repeats itself.

my thoughts

So I had to stumble a bit since I had not read the first book in the series but I don’t feel that I missed too much. The author did a great job at making this book into a successful stand alone novel though I do feel that had I read the first installment, I may have had a stronger connection to the main characters.

I enjoyed the norse mythology woven throughout the book. It made for an interesting read and was something I hadn’t come across very often so that was quit refreshing. Mist is attempting to use her magic to thwart Loki’s plans for world domination but a lot is going on. I found that from time to time I had to back track just to make sure I didn’t miss anything. The story was action packed and full to the brim with dialogue but I think there was almost too much going on and the multiple POVs had me bouncing around more than I would have liked.

I really liked Mist. I wish I would have seen much more of her. At times it felt as though her story line were taking a backseat. She had quit a few surprises throughout the story and very few of them were any good for her situation but she handled them as they came, overcoming obstacles against the odds and making her a truly enjoyable character to watch.

The world-building was complex though I felt there could have been more showing than telling in some areas. The book read more as a first installment where the author is setting the stage then a second book where much of the world and histories are already established.

I wouldn’t say that Black Ice was a favorite of mine but I will say that it was an enjoyable read that as piqued my interested enough to keep an eye out for the next installment. The norse mythology really kept me engaged as a reader.

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about the author

Trained as an artist with a BFA in Illustration from the California College of Arts and Crafts, Susan Krinard became a writer in 1992 when a friend read a short story she’d written and suggested she try writing a romance novel. A long-time fan of science fiction and fantasy, Susan began reading romance — and realized what she wanted to do was combine the two genres. Prince of Wolves, her first romance novel and one of the earliest to feature a werewolf hero, was the result. Within a year Susan had sold the manuscript to Bantam as part of a three-book contract, and the novel went on to make several bestseller lists.

Since then, she’s written and published over fourteen paranormal and fantasy novels, and written stories for a number of anthologies, both fantasy and romance. Both the anthology Out of This World (which included Susan’s “Kinsman”) and the novel Lord of the Beasts appeared on the New York Times Bestseller List.

Susan makes her home in New Mexico, the “Land of Enchantment”, with her husband Serge, their dogs Freya, Nahla and Cagney, and their cat Jefferson. In addition to writing, Susan’s interests include music of almost every kind, old movies, reading, nature, baking, and collecting unique handmade jewelry and decorative crafts.