The Dream Runner by Kerry Schafer

December 29, 2013     Danielle Romero     4stars

Release Date: October 29, 2013

Book Description: What if you could order a custom dream? Any kind. Dark and twisted, sweet, sensual, or redemptive. For the right price, a dream runner will deliver one to your doorstep.

Jesse Davison skipped town the week she turned sixteen, with nothing but the clothes on her back and her father’s vintage Indian Scout motorbike. She swore never to return to the town where in one night of tragedy she lost everything she ever loved. 

When news of her estranged mother’s death calls her home, she hopes for some time to sort out ten years of tangled emotions. But Jesse’s job doesn’t exactly allow personal days. She’s been forced into service as a runner by the Dream Merchant to pay back a debt for her own dream of revenge, and there are always orders to fill.

Struggling to figure out her mysterious inheritance is more than enough to get a girl down, and things get even worse when the man Jesse loathes—ex-boyfriend Will Alderson—shows up. But she soon discovers the person she’s been running from might just be the one she should be running towards. Too bad she’s been dreaming of killing him for the past ten years.

The Dream Runner is a breath of fresh air in the Urban Fantasy world. I’ve never read anything like it and found both the story and the characters refreshing and unique. I really like Jesse. She’s not your typical badass heroine, nor is she some damsel in distress. She seems very normal, relatable. Someone who is just trying to figure life out with the tools she has. She is a character that most people can look at and say, ‘I’m a little like that,’ in one way or another. She is irrational in some of her thinking which I think many of us can be, especially when we experience a tragic loss. Her character is what makes the story jump off the pages because she just seems so real. 
I will say when I got to the end I was majorly bummed that there wasn’t more. I’m itching for the second book already because I need to see what happens between Jesse and Will. All in all, The Dream Runner was a fast paced, refreshing and relatable read. If you like UF with a twist, this is the book for you. You won’t find werewolves or vampires but what you will find is even better!

Kerry Schafer was born and raised in Canada*, moved back and forth across the border several times, and finally settled on a compromise. She now lives in Washington state, but within an hour’s drive of her home and native land. Her childhood book collection traveled with her through all of those moves, and although she now owns a Kindle she continues to acquire books and bookshelves. During her lifetime, Kerry has worked as a lumber piler, an OB nurse, a secretary, and a substitute teacher, among other things. No matter where she lives or what she is doing, she finds a way to create writing time. Currently she balances writing and family with her work as a mental health counselor.
*And yes, she does sometimes say ‘eh?’ but never, ever ‘aboot.’

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