Review: Under the Final Moon

September 3, 2014     Danielle Romero     3.5Stars, ARC, reviews

Review: Under the Final MoonUnder The Final Moon by Hannah Jayne
Published by Kensington Books on August 5, 2014
Genres: Fantasy, Fiction, General
Pages: 352
Format: eBook
It's not the end of the world--until it is. Sophie Lawson may be a mere human with no special abilities except a strong immunity to magic. But the havoc she's wreaked on the supernaturals who come up against the Underworld Detection Agency have earned her plenty of enemies. Still, a girl can't freak out every time a horribly barbecued corpse is found with her business card in its hand. Or see a sudden glut of earthquakes, wildfires and three-headed dogs as just another day in California. But Alex Grace, her favorite fallen angel, is concerned--or saying he is to see more of her. Getting Sophie to see all the signs of the Apocalypse is an interesting way to heat things up. Or maybe what's making everyone hot under the collar is the fact that all Hell is about to break loose. . . Praise for Hannah Jayne's Underworld Detection Agency Chronicles

my thoughts

Under the Final Moon is an action packed and emotional roller coasted…emotional for Sophie that is. Sophie finally gets to meet dear old Dad, have I mentioned that he also happens to be Satan, as in the Devil himself! The world looks like it is going to end, people catch fire, little children become sadistic murderers, and three headed dogs walk the streets. I’ll admit to coming into this series a it late. This happens to be book six in the series and is the first I’ve read but it was great! Sophie has a weird obsession with chocolate pin wheels and tends to cry more that I’d like but hey, her Dad is the devil so can we really blame her? I thoroughly enjoyed watching the story unfold though I’ll admit to being a bit lost when it came to Will and Alex. There s definitely a love triangle going on there and I can tell that here is a lot of history between the three but by coming in late, I’m missing it so I wasn’t as invested in their relationships as I would have been if I’d read the entire series. That said, YES I will be reading books 1-5, how could I not! And can we discuss the cover for just a moment. It is absolutely beautiful. I’m not going to love, I’m in cover love right now!

Under the Final Moon is an apocalyptic adventure that leaves you out of breath and itching for more! I’m glad to say that Hannah Jayne is an author I look forward to seeing more from.

3 half coffee cups




about the author

Hannah is4245438 the author of the UNDERWORLD DETECTION AGENCY CHRONICLES from Kensington books and the upcoming young adult thrillers TRULY, MADLY, DEADLY and SEE JANE RUN available from Sourcebooks, Inc. When she’s not battling the demons of the Underworld or tackling a murderer at Hawthorne High, Jayne kicks her feet up in her San Francisco bay area home and attempts to share couch space with two enormous cats.