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ARC Review: Alpha Night by N..

ARC Review: Alpha Night by Nalini Singh

My Review: Riveting! I am so in love with Alpha Night! Nalini captured a strong female character and made her strength shine. So often women in society who carry an in-you-face strength are looked down on and I loved how Nalini really made Selenka’s strength positive and an asset to not only herself but the […]

ARC Review: Smoke Bitten by ..

ARC Review: Smoke Bitten by Patricia Briggs

My Review The beginning of this book put me through the emotional ringer and while I hated it … I loved it. I always appreciate when an author makes me physically feel something and when Mercy was in her own head worried about the status of her relationship, I FELT it. That pit in my […]

Review: The Hookup Equation ..

Review: The Hookup Equation by Roxie Noir

My Review: I’ve been thinking and thinking about why I love the Loveless brothers books so much. I read A LOT and there aren’t a ton of authors who really stick or who’s characters I don’t soon forget when I read roughly a book a day. But the Loveless brothers are game-changers for me so […]

Review: Angry God by LJ Shen

Review: Angry God by LJ Shen

My Review It was so good.Like Vicious but even better. (And I really loved Vicious)I loved the story. Loved Vaughn. Loved Lenny. There was good progression and pacing throughout.Gah. It was just so damn good. LJ Shen’s character development is always top-notch. You really experience the rollercoaster emotional ride the characters are being put through.I […]

Review: Off Limits by Penny ..

Review: Off Limits by Penny Dee

My Review As the first introduction to MC romance in general, I wasn’t sure what to expect but Off Limits was fan-freaking-tastic. I loved Ruger. He’s level-headed and assertive without being an alpha a-hole. He never burned Chastity. Any issues they had were situational, not because he screwed up or did something wrong which was […]

My 2019 Round-Up

My 2019 Round-Up

2019 was a crazy, hectic, fantastic mess. For those who don’t know, I had a baby (baby #3), released book 6 and the conclusion in my blood & magic series, and managed both of those things while working a full time job and taking care of two other kiddos and you know, making time for […]

Break the Rules: Review and ..

Break the Rules: Review and Blog tour

Some lines shouldn’t be crossed. Some rules shouldn’t be broken. June is one of them, and I know it. Break the Rules, an all-new hilarious, brother’s best friend romance from Roxie Noir, is available now! As a forest ranger, I believe in the simple life. I prefer cabins to apartments, trails to freeways, and trees […]

Three Mages and a Margarita ..

Three Mages and a Margarita by Annette Marie

I am kicking myself right now. When Three Mages and a Margarita first released back in September 2018, I gave it a shot. I try to read indie as often as possible and Annette Marie is an author I really like as a person so I figured why not give her latest series a try. […]

Make Me Lose by Ember Leigh

Make Me Lose by Ember Leigh

My Review Grayson Daly is HOT! I absolutely loved Make Me Lose. I loved Hazel, I loved their rivalry. I loved the realness of the relationship. Their honestly isn’t anything I didn’t love about this book. I’m a sucker for a good enemies to lovers romance and Make Me Lose fit the bill. I really […]

Review: Broken Knight by LJ ..

Review: Broken Knight by LJ Shen

MY REVIEW Holy freaking cow batman! Broken Knight is toe-curling good. There are a few things I look for in a five-star book (which Broken Knight absolutely is) and those are, does it elicit an emotional reaction? Do I feel something down in the pit of my stomach that makes me ache? Did I stay […]