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Claimed by The Gods Review

Claimed by The Gods Review

My Review HOLY cliffhanger. I’m genuinely on the fence with this one. The heroine was likable. Traumatized from her past. A bit reckless. But relatable and most times realistic in her decision making. The story was unique so major kuddos for originality. I enjoyed the norse mythology woven throughout. The book is clearly intended as […]

Review: Echoes by Laura Tisd..

Review: Echoes by Laura Tisdall

Echoes by Laura Tisdall is a page turning debut novel that I am so happy I took a chance on. I love supporting self-published authors and when I get a review request from a self-pubbed author and it turns out to be a win, I get all giddy inside and Echoes was certainly a win. […]

Review: Marked by the Vampir..

Review: Marked by the Vampire

Cynthia Eden is an amazing UF Author and I thoroughly enjoy her books. I would have loved to give this one a higher rating and I very well may have, had I read the first book in the series. In Marked By The Vampire, we are introduced to Shane and Olivia, who feel an almost immediate […]

Review: The Skull Throne

Review: The Skull Throne

I honestly don’t know what I was thinking when I one-clicked this one aside from the fact that the cover and synopsis pulled me in but WOW it is over 700 pages long and unfortunately it felt 700 pages long. I usually cap my reads around 400 unless I’m familiar with the author and already […]

Night’s Blaze by Donna..

Night’s Blaze by Donna Grant

  So I actually read the Night’s Blaze book in four installments, because I had all four at once, it wasn’t much different than reading the book as one in its entirety though I’ll admit that had I had to wait in between installments, I would have been pretty irked. It took most of the […]

Review: Scorched by Erica Ha..

Review: Scorched by Erica Hayes

One of my favorite types of heroines, are those you can relate to. The ones that aren’t all that extra ordinary on the outside but instead are strong willed and strong minded people on the inside who you can root for and that is exactly what I got in Scorched. There are definitely superhero qualities […]

Review: Night Sky

Review: Night Sky

Night Sky was a character driven story about a young girl named Skylar who figures out that what fate has planned for her, isn’t going to be easy. I enjoyed this one and I’m not a big YA person so I was pleasantly surprised. The world building in Night Sky was top notch. I could really […]

Review & Giveaway: Dead..

Review & Giveaway: Deadeye by William C Dietz

Deadeye was a unique take on mutants in an urban setting that provided a fast paced plot and a like-able main character. Cassandra Lee is admirable in her motivations, driven, and often reckless but she grabs your attention and almost forces you to like her and take notice. I’m not sure how this one falls into the […]

Review: The Witches of Echo ..

Review: The Witches of Echo Park

  A delightful take on witches that grabbed my attention though unfortunately not from the start. The book was slow to start for me. The intro being a flash back of sorts that was hard for me to get into but it did not take long for the story to pull me in once we […]

Review: House of the Rising ..

Review: House of the Rising Sun

House of the Rising Sun was slow to start but was definitely a satisfying read. I really enjoyed the world-building. There was good attention to detail that kept me interested and the plot was well thought out though I did find a few hiccups here and there that made me wonder. I found the character […]