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Review: Blind Tiger by Rache..

Review: Blind Tiger by Rachel Vincent

My Review I wasn’t sure how much I’d like Blind Tiger because I didn’t feel as invested in these characters but I should have known that Rachel Vincent wouldn’t disappoint. I absolutely loved Blind Tiger. It was everything I was hoping for and so much more. Titus is the ultimate hero, willing to do what […]

Review: Lions Share by Rache..

Review: Lions Share by Rachel Vincent

I am loving the Wildcat world. In Lions Share we follow Abby and Jace and for those familiar with Rachel Vincent’s Shifter series, you’ll already know Jace Hammond very well and you’ll be just as eager to see how he’s coping after the ending of the Shifter series. Abby is fierce and independent. She’s the […]

Review: Hunt by Rachel Vince..

Review: Hunt by Rachel Vincet

    I have been dying for Rachel Vincent to delve back into this world and she does so flawlessly after so many years. Abby our heroine is faced with a gruesome scene but instead of panicking, she pulls herself together in an effort to save her best friend. Hunt is very short which is […]