Audio Book Production

As of December 2015, the audiobook industry is said to be a 2.8 billion dollar market and sales continue to grow at a rapid rate. Are your books getting a piece of that action?

Let Coffee and Characters bring you story to life. Whether you want to hire an outside narrator, narrate the book yourself for an added personal touch, or have Coffee & Characters coordinate your narration (we have both a male and female voice over specialist) we have the production skills to bring your book to life in a clean file sure to attract audiobook listeners.

Some audiobook producers charge upwards of $300 per finished hour. That means if you have a 90,000 word book, you’re going to pay around $3000 to have your book narrated and produced. Due to out of pocket expenses, many authors choose a 50/50 royalty split with their producers but do you really want to give away half your earnings on a book you poured your heart and soul into?

We didn’t think so.

Coffee and Characters found a way to make audiobook production more affordable to suit the needs of our clients.

Our producer chargers $120/per finished hour

Our narraters charge $50/per hour averaging 9,000 words per hour.

That means that your 90,000 word book will only cost you $1700 instead of $3000. But that’s also only if you choose to use us for both narration and production.

You can easily hire an outside narrator or narrate yourself and have us produce the files for you. We’ll take out all of those nosy inhales and exhales, and compile each scene file into one cohesive file ready for ACX uploading.

Have questions or want to get started?

Contact us at coffeeandcharacters (at) gmail (dot) com

Have multiple books? Ask us about discounts when you book multiple books for the same services or when you schedule the same book for multiple services.