Welcome to Coffee and Characters

We are a boutique consultancy that loves working with individuals and corporations from all walks of life. While the bulk of what we do is centered around the book publishing industry, we are a collective of talented and diverse professionals with a wide array of skills to service your needs so while we work primarily with authors, we try not to limit ourselves. We regularly take on interesting projects that focus outside these parameters because we believe in keeping it interesting. 

Coffee and Characters specializes in strategic marketing, new business development, graphic design, branding, web design, photography, editing, audio production, ad copy creation, and event coordination.

  • We work with clients to develop and implement email marketing strategies, social media marketing campaigns and provide in-depth consultations on how to take your brand, book, and products to the next level and reach more customers.

  • We advise individuals on effective goal setting, launch strategies, and platform development. We also provide big picture editing and work with our clients on plot development ensuring their manuscripts shine.

  • We assist in coordinating media pitches and profitable events to achieve scale and generate revenue. Our number one priority is to ensure our clients receive a high level of service that provides a positive ROI.